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Maret 2022

Hi there, I am Diana Cahya. I love to bake and cook, but more than that, I love to make my cooking’s outcome as interesting as possible. I call it as an art of cooking. So, get bored with the ordinary cooking’s outcome? Join me, as I am going to teach you on how to create interesting cooking’s outcomes. 😃 Thanks for keep visiting my website! Enjoy!

Usually called “Din-Din”, born right in a leap year where there are only 4 years, 1x, it’s rare, the person is also unique after all. Most like crafts and everything related to entertainment and business as well as cooking (ceileeehhh is different from keys to turmeric, don’t know hahahaha). Have worked at a private company engaged in the Web Developer field which is filled with reliable programmers (hi guys!), in addition to being a freelancer for a leading insurance company for life protection and investment As of April 2008 yesterday we managed to get the Rookie Awards for the achievements, thanks God!

Even though the activities are very busy, friendship is still upheld, really likes activities with friends in arms of Chef. Sometimes I also help broadcast on 107.2 FM Denpasar, it’s not bad enough to be a cheerleader ha ha ha. Friendly and trustworthy also not arrogant and kind (Pancasila precepts to what? Hahaha)

And now, I am just a business woman and teach baking at some Baking and Pastry / Culinaire Schools in Indonesia and also go around to teach (perhaps someone wanna invite me to come to your town? #Lol). I am enjoying on teaching and sharing all skills that I have.

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